WFF has been providing high quality, successful custodial service programs throughout the United States for over 30 years. We attribute our success, and our customers’ satisfaction, to our professional management philosophy which emphasizes a strong team approach between on-site management, regional management and corporate support staff.

Our management team is trained to be proactive in the fulfillment of individual and team responsibilities, providing our customers with a clean and safe environment. We also believe quality starts with trained associates. They are the frontline of our company. As a result, we are committed to recruiting, training and motivating the highest caliber of associates available and have developed a comprehensive in-service training program for all associates that address technical, procedural and behavioral aspects of their specific position.

WFF recognizes that a large part of a superior custodial service program relies on advanced technology. We evaluate and test contemporary custodial service equipment, as well as new lines of chemicals, floor finishes, etc., on an on-going basis. We continually update our equipment and chemicals to ensure that the highest quality and most effective products are available to our on-site managers.

WFF is able to continually improve and provide optimal service in all areas of the custodial services program through our Quality Assurance Program. Our computerized software is specifically customized to each campus, down to the detail of individual areas and custodial responsibility. Results are analyzed and shared with our clients to identify trends and direct training and resource allocation to ensure continuous improvement.

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